Imagine the joy and freedom of teaching and educating your miniature horse or pony to pull a cart or wagon at home.

And the peace of mind of being able to train your little pony yourself and enjoying every minute of it ! 

We have researched 1000's of the advertisements all over the world concerning people who train horses and ponies to pull a cart. Here in America most charge $500.00 per month and claim it takes 3 months to train, this totals $1500.00. You can find cheaper horse trainers on Craigslist and LSN, but wouldn't it be great not to have to take them away from their home? And how much fun would it be to learn to teach your pony to drive ! 


We now want to introduce you to the Worlds first Amazing EZ Trainer the  fun, safe, and easy way to teach your miniature horse or small pony to pull a cart or wagon. It's the original Amazing EZ-Trainer and this is the only website on the Internet to purchase one. This new EZ-Trainer is perfect for people that know absolutely nothing about teaching and training a miniature horse or small pony to pull a cart. The Amazing EZ-Trainer along with you, a helper, a riding lawnmower and our detailed instructions will teach your little  pony to pull a cart in 30 days. This is depending on how many hours a week is spent on his lessons. He will learn his command signals of walking,trotting, and standing all from your verbal commands. He will learn his left and right turns by gently tugging on the reins in sync with the lawnmowers turns. Simply meaning, when the lawnmower is turning left at the same time tug on his left rein, on right turns tug on the right rein. This is why we instruct folks to do figure eights and serpentines, and you don’t need a lot of land either 1/2 acre or so, just enough to do the figure eights and serpentines. All of these lessons are spelled out for you in our step by step training package.  Included in the package with your new Amazing EZ-Trainer is first, second, third, and fourth weeks lessons. It is so easy, and if there is one particular lesson your pony is slow on learning, keep going over it untill he gets  it. Again repetition is how he finally get's it. Remember all Horses, big or small, are all creatures of habit, this is why the EZ-Trainer is so effective as the NEW WAY of training them to pull. Plus your having so much fun too, and loving every minute of it!  note; The little white pony mare in the video, is "Dolly Partin" she learned to pull the cart in only 2 weeks. Most will need 30 days, then they should know the basics of pulling a cart. Then it's practice, practice, practice!


About 10 years ago when we had our first pony trained by a professional,we had so much fun driving him around all summer long. Like most folks we don't drive our cart in the winter time, and when spring came we were anxious to get started driving again. We were also skeptical he may have forgotten how well he did last summer. When you own the Amazing Ez-Trainer it's not a problem, just hook him up again in the Spring to refresh his memory. This is what we are referring to when we tell folks that it is a Joy to teach with the Amazing EZ-Trainer. You will never again need to pay money, or have to depend on an outsider to train your little guy or gal. From now on your in controll !!

Lately I've been reading that most Folks that own miniature horses are between 45 and 65 years old. Even if you are an experienced mini horse trainer you need one of these Amazing EZ-Trainers. All the hours of ground work, (and you know what I'm talking about), where your mini turns around and gets the lines tangled and you must start over. Well this problem is gone when he is clipped to the Amazing EZ-Trainer. Again it's a pure joy to teach with the Amazin EZ-Trainer. As you see in the video my wife is doing some ground work, this is before we added weight to the cart, after this step (adding the weight is taught in instruction package) there is no need to walk at all. We show and explain all aspects of training in our supplied instructions. Your not just buying the design, metal and wheels, your are buying years of trial and errors, with our step by step systematic training procedures made easy for anyone to train a miniature Horse to pull a Cart, Buggy, or Wagon!!

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with a particular question or training issue you may have.

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