.We are now taking orders for the Amazing EZ Trainer

Package comes with correct length lead ropes, with still photos, and 4

individual weekly lessons that are broke down and easy to understand

and follow. All you need is a helper, a slow-going riding lawnmower, and

your own Amazing EZ-Trainer to start training your Mini or Pony to pull a cart.

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We have specials frequently, even deals on buggy and wagon kits

And you know we have cart ponies here for sale too, broke the new fun way

not the old fashion way

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We are a small family owned and operated business in Tennessee. We have been manufacturing horse drawn buggies and carts for 20 plus years. Most of our customers for our mini rigs are ladies. Also, the majority of them own a mini or small pony that hasn't been trained and they want to do it their self.


We first got the Idea of the Amazing EZ-Trainer  About 5 years ago when my wife in her late 50's, got hurt  when her pony bolted. This is right after we got her little pony back from the trainer. He told us her pony was broke and that anyone could drive him.  My wife was so excited!!  Well, the first time we hooked her pony up to the cart he bolted, she wouldn't jump out  for fear of tearing up her cart. I stood there absolutely helpless and saw her pulling on the reins as hard as she could and he wouldn't stop, or even slow down. They went through the fence, the cart wheel hit a tree and my wife ended up in the hospital. After that she said she never wanted anything to do with driving a cart again. I started looking for answers about training horses. I talked to an Amish friend of mine in Etheridge Tennessee and he told me that he trains his horses to pull by hooking them to the back of his big wide wagon, and driving them all around. Then I talked to a guy in Wisconsin and said he hooked his horse trailer up to his pick-up truck, then hooked the horse and cart to the back of the trailer and pulled them around to train them. All this may be fine for big horses, but we needed a device to train miniature horses and small ponies. That's when we came up with the idea of the EZ Trainer! And my main concern was that neither you or your pony could get hurt. Now my wife is back to driving after using the Amazing EZ Trainer for 30 days with her pony.  And we now have a new product to offer our customers so they can train their small ponies their self. There is nothing like it anywhere, this is the original Amazing EZ-Trainer.
This is worth repeating for folks just getting into driving, and it is a true fact!! All horses big or small are creatures of habit and must be taught by    repetition.This is what makes the EZ-Trainer worth a million bucks, you can keep going over and over the same lesson until they get it right. No more ground work walking all day behind your untrained pony with him turning and tangling up the lines, we've all been there and hate when that happens. 


There are 2 main reasons inexperienced horse trainers get hurt, # 1. The horse rears up and falls back on them and their cart. # 2. He bolts and driver can not stop him no matter how hard they pull on the reins, your Amazing EZ-Trainer teaches them by repetition and habit forming for them. We knew we had to find something (which we couldn't), or invent something that is safe (and we did!). Here's why the pony can't BOLT (He's clipped to, and walking behind the large 5'X 5' see thru grid on the Amazing EZ-Trainer) and he can't REAR-UP either (he is clipped to Amazing EZ-Trainer with the supplied lead ropes).


When you purchase one and start their lessons you will know why we named it "The Amazing EZ-Trainer”!